Why A Photobooth? What's the big deal?

Often times we find that a customer is having a hard time making a decision on whether to purchase a Photobooth or upgrading to a Photobooth/DJ Combo package for their event. More often than not, price is a heavy factor and then comes the questions of "do I really need a photobooth?", "will anyone use the photobooth?", and more.

Let's weigh the pros and cons of a photobooth, on its own or as an upgrade to your dj package.


1. It will give your guests, particularly the ones who do not like to dance much, something to do other than spending their entire night on the dance floor.

2. It serves as a nice "favor" for your guests as they get to take home a copy of their photos taken in the booth. Many people walk out with several photos taken over the course of the evening.

3. When you choose a Next Star Photobooth Package, it comes with a memory book that has a personal note from many of your guests written next to their pictures. This is a great keepsake of the fun memories made at your event and often times is the first set of pictures you get back from your event because you get it at the end of the night before we leave.

4. It is FUN!


1. There is an additional cost to the event, whether you are upgrading a DJ package or choosing a Photobooth on its own, but Next Star offers competitive pricing which has proven to be a great value and well worth the extra cost.

2. You must have space for the booth, that includes an electrical outlet. Our booth is 6 feet by 6 feet and is 8 feet tall. Sometimes this can be an issue if you are having a private event at a residence or a party at a banquet hall where the ceilings are not conducive to the booth size.

3. There really is no 3rd Con!

At the end of the day, you must really decide whether having a photobooth at your event is worth it to you, and your guests! We have found that every guest who chooses a photobooth package is happy that they did. Its a win/win for the host, guest and for Next Star.

Be sure to check out our Photobooth Page for pricing and package information!

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