Your Wedding is About You.....And Your Guests!

Your big day has arrived and its time to celebrate with all of your friends and family. You have been planning this day for your entire life! Every little detail has been perfectly thought out, planned and executed. Your venue is beautiful, your bridal party is amazing, your flowers are breath taking and your reception will sure be a memory everyone will be talking about for years to come.....right?

Consider this: While your wedding day is centered around you and the joining of your life together with your significant other in front of your friends and family...your reception is about your guests too. They are coming to celebrate with you....they are likely bringing you a sure you select music that will keep them entertained, on the dance floor and in the banquet hall until the end of the evening.

Often times we will have couples tell us that they do not want to hear The Chicken Dance, The YMCA, The Hokey Pokey, polka songs, all. This is a MISTAKE! These songs are staples at wedding receptions, the songs everyone knows and will dance to and they are also great transition songs for your DJ. These songs are fun for your guests and allows them to join the dance floor in confidence (because no one looks good doing the Chicken Dance). In the whole scheme of the evening, these songs take up about 20 minutes, but will create the fun atmosphere that your guests will remember for a long time to just remember - It is your day, but your guests should feel important as well!

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